1:1 Training 

The Soccerfix team strive to help aspiring footballers achieve their goals. We believe that 1:1 training is the future, during your 1:1 training sessions with Soccerfix we aim to get maximum results.


We work against our four key areas. Sessions are planned with these target areas in mind aiming to improve each players technical & tactical elements of their game whilst aiding "football brain" development. The Soccerfix team look to mould each player into a well rounded "clever" footballer. 

1) Decision making 

2) Ball control 

3) Speed 

4) Awareness 

"Ryah has been training with Soccerfix for over a year now, sessions are planned specifically for Ryah's position and attributes. This has played a huge part in Ryah's development going from a young aspiring footballer to a Brighton & Hove albion academy player. Ryah loves the intensity of the 1:1 sessions and the amount of fun she has with head coach Harry. I would strongly recommend Soccerfix 1:1 training for anyone. They're great! - Ryah TB"

We work with players of all ages, boys & girls. Our 1:1 coaching is a great opportunity for players to to develop their skills through bespoke training drills and position specific sessions. Whether your looking for a one-off practice or weekly slots, the Soccerfix team can work around your needs.


"I asked Harry to help my son Rocco improve his ball mastery, finishing and movement. Rocco's overall game has massively improved thanks to the hard work and planning Harry puts into the sessions. Rocco loves the fun sessions with Harry and the Soccerfix team and I would highly recommend their services to any young footballer" - Rocco G. 


With our range of equipment and facilities we can accomodate all areas of your game. We have a variety of tactical equipment to show player exactly why we are doing drills and sessions, a range of equipment to mimic game scenarios and strength & conditioning equipment to aid physical development. 

" I was amazed by the range of equipment the Soccerfix team had to hand, using a variety of football equipment alongside S&C aids to get the very best out of each session for my son. I was particularly impressed with the tactical element of the sessions whereby the Soccerfix coaches would show my son aspects of the game through video analysis and tactics boards. covered all areas! - Henry K"