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Welcome to the Online Fitness Programme page!



Here you can access our 12 week programme where we will aim to improve and help you achieve our fitness goals for 2021.  

In our OTP you will get access to weekly training session via the free app zoom. Participants will also get access to weekly recipe ideas, extra training challenges and further guidance which will aid your progression with your new year training goals. 

Completely online!!

Don't have the time to get to a gym, nervous about joining a commercial gym, want to workout from the comfort of your own living room?



All you'll need:

- Suitable space to perform the workouts 

- Minimal exercise equipment

- A can do attitude and willingness to get stuck into an online training programme. 



Luca Paiano, professional footballer (Northern Ireland)  - "Since training with Harry I have really noticed a difference. I asked harry to hep me with my speed and power which is exactly what he did! sessions were detailed and he explained every exercise clearly to me. 

My transformation helped me massively before leaving to play professional football abroad! i would 100% recommend harry and his PT services".💪



Sadie Gregory - academy player Brighton & Hove Albion)- "Since training with soccerfix i have rally noticed a difference in Sadie performance and general well being, Their training methods and 1:2:1 focus have rally helped Sadie progress and develop into an athlete, improving her speed, agility and strength & conditioning" 

"I would strongly recommend the SoccerFix brand to help with football and fitness development for all ages and abilities". 




 Mark Goldson - professional football player (Finaland)-"Training with SoccerFix was the best decision i've made, Ive always been a big fan of the gym and attend regularly. Combining my football training with harry's strength & conditioning knowledge has accelerated my development. 


Harry has been a huge part of my development and I will continue to train with him".